AI Should Come With A Warning

With AI-powered chatbots such as ChatGPT, Google Bard and similar tools making AI available to the masses this has certainly become one of the hot topics of the day. With this next generation of conversational software tools promising to be able to do so much and the hype being fuelled by so many “new” experts…

Hackers – the good the bad and the ugly!

Hollywood mostly portrays hackers as the cool kids – able to access security systems and help the projected star of the movie win the day!

Managed Service Provider (MSP) – 8 tips for choosing the right one

As Melbourne’s Small to Medium business market continues to return to full strength organisations are searching for points of difference that will help take their business forward. Partnering with the right managed service provider is one those small gems that can make a huge difference over the journey. With technology advancing at such a rate…

Cyber security awareness month – have you been hacked?

It feels a little ironic, with news headlines full of concern regarding the recent cyber security events with Optus and Telstra that we enter October, a month dedicated to cyber awareness all around the world