Data Loss – What is your data worth?

You’re a small to medium business owner, you sit down to start your day, turn on the computer and you are unable to access your data.

Cyber Insurance

As cyber-attacks continue to rise, an increasing number of businesses are considering cyber insurance to help mitigate risk. If you are considering cyber insurance for your business, there are a few things that are important to understand about these types of policies and their requirements.

Cybersecurity habits Melbourne Businesses should embrace in 2023

With 2023 already racing along no one wants their business to be negatively interrupted. The good news, technology continues to provide opportunity for real productivity improvements – while at the same time the cybersecurity threat landscape continues to expand and evolve.

Password security – Sloppy Passwords linked to hacking

Experts have warned, lazy passwords put millions of Australians and their companies at risk of cybercrime, with an estimated two thirds of Australian businesses and large corporations vulnerable. Using default passwords present significant risks. Using a default password may seem like an easy option for you to remember but the problem is cybercriminals know the…

Ransomware – Locked out of your own sytems?

Imagine this – earlier in the day you were working fine. Now you cannot access the system (your own IT system with all your data). You receive a message – pay this amount of money and we will give you back access to your own data. What do I do? Should I pay? Sadly –…

Business Grade Email Protection – Start your free 30 day full featured trial

In an era in which unsolicited emails account for more than half of global email traffic, and email phishing campaigns are reportedly increasing by 400% a year, implementing an email filtering service is more of a necessity and less of an option for businesses. Although basic filtering services exist on most email platforms, spammers and…

Ransomware Trends in 2021 & Predictions for 2022

Ransomware is one of the most dangerous cybersecurity threats facing organisations globally. Attackers focus on any organization of any size, so every business should be aware of ransomware and its potential damage. 2021 saw an all-time high in ransomware attacks. SMBs, schools, global supply chains, healthcare providers, government organisations, and MSPs were among those affected by ransomware attacks.…