Hackers – the good the bad and the ugly!

Hollywood mostly portrays hackers as the cool kids – able to access security systems and help the projected star of the movie win the day! However, this can be far from the truth. As many Small to Medium business owners who have been hacked can vouch, this can be a painful, expensive, and frustrating experience.

When you consider today, everything from your phone to your crypto wallet to your smart fridge can be hacked. It’s a troubling area that continues to grow. But are all hackers dangerous?

There’s a wide spectrum of hackers — from those who help to criminals who try to maim your business and steal confidential data. So which hackers should you be most concerned with? In this guide, we’ll explain some different types.

White hat, black hat, green hat, blue hat — (sounds little bit like a Dr. Seuss book but the names are all true) these are just a few types of hackers loitering online and putting your personal data and devices at risk.

Different Types of Hackers Explained.