AI Should Come With A Warning

With AI-powered chatbots such as ChatGPT, Google Bard and similar tools making AI available to the masses this has certainly become one of the hot topics of the day.

With this next generation of conversational software tools promising to be able to do so much and the hype being fuelled by so many “new” experts in AI capabilities it’s easy to understand what all the noise is about.

There is no question this a game changing technology, however with the good comes the bad.

With the volume of AI-generated content it could make it difficult to know what’s real – reports say it’s running at 85% accuracy but that is in a controlled environment.

ChatGPT logs every conversation, including any personal data you share, and will use it as live data. Open AI’s privacy policy states that the company collects personal information included in “input, file uploads, or feedback” users provide to ChatGPT and its other services.

With limited laws and regulations in place AI can be used for good and bad – and this will only accelerate (on both fronts).

We all want to think the majority of changes this will bring into our lives (personal and business) are positive and beneficial, however that potential for good is also the same for bad.

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