Cyber security awareness month – have you been hacked?

It feels a little ironic, with news headlines full of concern regarding the recent cyber security events with Optus and Telstra that we enter October, a month dedicated to cyber awareness all around the world. For those of us who work in the industry, we know you need to be proactively aware of cybersecurity year-round, however if we can shine a torch on cybersecurity awareness for one month it’s a positive step.

This year’s theme: “Have you been hacked?”

Australian Cyber Security Centre are running education themes throughout October, and this is a great way to start your educational journey.

If you have any concerns, you may have been hacked check out their new tool – Have you been hacked?

This tool will help you assess if you’ve been hacked by guiding you through a range of scenarios that will advise you on how to best respond to the situation. Scenarios include ransomware attacks, malware threats, email compromise and identify theft, as well as phishing and fake website scams. The tool is simple to use and includes typical warning signs, scenario explanations and easy-to-follow steps on how to remediate the situation.

Empowering your staff through cyber awareness education, continues to prove a major point of difference in reducing exposure to cyber-attacks. With most successful attacks initiating through human error, companies who have invested in their staff have another layer of protection. Don’t make the common mistake of thinking “it will never happen to me”. If you use the internet for work, then you are a target.

Start the education process now and protect your business. Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is a great place to start, with many helpful tools and suggestions. If you need help, please reach out to us.