Why a logo isn’t branding

One of the common mistakes some businesses are making in relation to their marketing, is to confuse their logo design with branding. Those who have known me over the years, know that I am no big fan of jargon. However, in this case, it is important to understand what branding means and why it should…

Digital Solutions – Australian Small Business Advisory Services

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Digital Solutions – Australian Small Business Advisory Services can support your small businesses by delivering high-quality, tailored information on business topics such as social media, websites and selling online, business branding, content and design, and online marketing

Face Coverings for your Business

owner and manager - EMBROIDERED CLUBWEAR

Your staff have to wear face coverings, but why not make that work in your favour? Our cotton jersey face covering and neck warmers will look great with your logo and your staff can advertise your business as they go about their daily life! As per Cambridge University’s study this comfortable, breathable yet tightly woven…