Face Coverings for your Business

owner and manager - EMBROIDERED CLUBWEAR

Your staff have to wear face coverings, but why not make that work in your favour? Our cotton jersey face covering and neck warmers will look great with your logo and your staff can advertise your business as they go about their daily life!

As per Cambridge University’s study this comfortable, breathable yet tightly woven fabric provides the perfect balance between micro-particle protection, practicality and style.

Available in black, red, grey, hot pink, sky blue, navy, royal and many other colours!

Size XS- Approx 52-57cm

Size S – Approx 58-62cm

Size M – Approx 63-68cm

Size L – Approx 69-74cm

Size XL – Approx 75-80cm

owner and manager - EMBROIDERED CLUBWEAR