Visiting T22 Printing, Newcastle Road, Bayswater

Project Manager - Knox Council

T22 Printing are a wide format digital printing company with a staff of 10 who work closely together. The first thing I noticed about T22 printing was how friendly and supportive all the staff were. The innovative spaces within their business and the wall murals, displaying the amazing work they produce makes it a creative space for staff and customers.

T22 Printing produce everything from point of sale, wallpaper graphics, decals, banners, trade stands, signage plus so much more!

I found out that T22 Printing do business locally with Gardbar, a local welding business and AA Industrial who they also support, plus many other local suppliers in their area. This is what being part of the Bayswater Business Precinct is all about.

Some of the constraints that T22 have faced is raised pricing and fuel costs but they are great at sourcing ways to recycle and reuse their packaging. The BBP team will work them to find a solution to recycle their printer cartridges over the next few weeks.

One of the great initiatives that I heard about was when they decided to make some wheelchair wheel covers for a staff member’s daughter who attended the Harry Styles concert recently. What an amazing product.

If you are looking for a printer with a difference and getting to know more about T22, reach out to John or Lisa.


Project Manager - Knox Council