Supporting local business

Since we launched 15 years ago, Bulldog Creatrix has always aimed at serving the local business community and not just by offering our creative services to many businesses in our region, but with a mission to purchase from local businesses too.

We believe that is the true meaning of ‘local’!  We buy our consumables from local businesses, we host websites locally and we always use local printers and suppliers.

We know that graphic design and web services can be bought online for relative peanuts, but who’s economy is benefiting?  Not Australia’s in most cases and certainly not our local community.

It’s not just businesses like ours, of course.  Speaking to businesses within the Bayswater precinct we hear the same story time and time again.  Spending is hemorrhaging out of the region – more often than not overseas – which means there is increasingly less money circulating in the local economy.  Inevitably, this means all businesses in the local community suffer, not least of all, our colleagues in the retail sector.

We fully understand that it is not possible to buy locally exclusively and we also understand that it is tempting to purchase services from overseas that are cheap.  However, in reality, that is a false economy.  The less money that is spent with local businesses, then the less they can spend locally in return.  It really does become a race to the bottom!

Victorians in general and our local business communities in particular, have a reputation for pulling together and being supportive.  The struggle that local businesses are facing right now, is one of those times.

Let’s think local first and help one another thrive in this incredible business community we are all part of!