Road to recovery

Director - MDP Specialised Services t/a MF Daly Plumbing

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Even though many of us wish year 2020 never happened it has awoken many things inside most of us. Our overall outlook has changed and some of us prioritise differently. The Australian Spirit is to get up and get on with it and thats exactly what we need to do.

Many businesses, with the help of incentives and other, are investing and expanding knowing that we must grow and not give up. At these times, however, it is prudent to mention caution when it comes to making decisions. Plan your expansion properly and respect the professionals you engage with. You will know from experience when you feel confidence in them.

The most common mistake made in many cases is there is no plan. Many see this as not important but this one thing ends with disappointment and most time poor quality or unfinished projects. Looks and visual appearance is important but what you do must work or it has no value.

Finances are not bottomless and value definitely isnt in the cheapest quote. What you see on dinnertime TV isnt real, but it certainly is entertaining.

A good plan allows you to stop and assess, change and adjust where necessary, and know that the overall outcome will start paying for itself immediately.

There is nothing more satisfying for us to stand back at the end of the project, shake hands and know that what we created will work as you have planned for. With the exception of required maintenance, something that prevails in everything anyway, you should only see us back when you plan out the next stage.

Director - MDP Specialised Services t/a MF Daly Plumbing