Managing Director - PACK KING

Pack King has decided that in these troubled times, a genuine bargain

would certainly help those still in business.

The SAS-301 Semi Automatic Strapping Machine has been slashed in

price from $1500.00 to $998.00 + GST.

To make the deal even sweeter, Pack King is fitting a 3000 Mtr roll of

12mm strap (130 Kg breaking strain) and fully testing the machine,

AND throwing in free delivery in the BBP Connect area.

The SAS-301 is a full cabinet model, with a stainless steel top sized

570mm x 900mm. Interlocks are fitted to doors and top.

Operation is simple. Place the carton or bundle close top the strap receiver,

pull the strap over the item and place into the receiver. It will automatically

tension then seal the strap.


Lifting a carton by the one or two straps is easier and safer than without straps,

and the contents are more securely held.

Managing Director - PACK KING