Mutifactor Authentication

We understand how important IT security is. At work all our computers are up to date with operating systems and patches.

If a stage 4 lockdown occurs, it means my staff have to work from home. Staff are now using their home computers to login and access our systems.

I know this comes with risk. How can I protect my business?

I am often asked this question or something similar like:

My staff prefer to user their own computers for work (known as BYOD).

How do I know their device is safe?

One answer is to use multifactor authentication. With the right tool you can protect your business by verifying the identity of the user and the health of their device before allowing connection to the application needed.


The financial controller is fantastic with numbers. In lockdown they are forced to work from home using their home computer which is mainly to run their own personal spreadsheets.

With the right multifactor authentication tool, the first step is authenticating the user is who they say they are and the next step is to make sure the computer they are using has a current and patched operating system.

If their computer is running an outdated operating system like windows 7 or XP you have the ability to not let them into the application until they update. Thus, protecting your business.

This is just one advantage of using a business grade multifactor authentication tool. Make sure to protect yourself and your business.

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