Cybersecurity Training for Employees

Cybersecurity training maybe on the minds of board executives, but not necessarily on the minds of bored employees.

Let’s face it — learning about cybersecurity probably isn’t a top priority for the average employee, especially if they’ve never been the victim of an attack (that they know of). Most employees who work in offices or remotely use a computer to do most of their work. But how much do they know about strong passwords, malware, phishing attempts, and more?

An old adage says that 50% of advertising is wasted, but you can’t tell which 50%. Some people think the same—or worse—happens when it comes to training programs. It’s hard to know what works and why. But we all understand the benefits are important.

Business owners want to make sure that they’re getting a return on their investment. They want to be able to measure progress to show they’re spending that money wisely, getting something out of it.

Employees want to see that measurement, too, because people want to track their progress, and they want to feel good about what they’re doing and how they’re spending their limited time. They want to understand that the time spent is making a difference in their job and often benefiting them in life outside of work.

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