Cyber Security Training for Remote Employees

It’s now part of how we do business – employees are no longer bound to work in a single location and in fact are working from virtually anywhere in the world, a significant factor in achieving a healthier work/life balance and boosting productivity. Remote work can also be a cost-effective solution for employers.

  • May reduce the amount of space they are renting
  • Access to a wider range of talents as they’re no longer bound to a specific location

Unfortunately, remote working also has downsides. One of the major negatives is the increased exposure and chance of being impacted by cybercrime.

Educating your remote employees about cyber security

The why is simple – Human error now represents the highest area for company exposure meaning there is an immediate need to educate staff about cyber security. Informing your employees about the dangers of hacking and cyber threats is critical as cyber based attacks have continued to rise every quarter over recent years (and this trend is not likely to slow down).

Here are some tips to help protect your business.