COVID Cleaning Work Place hygiene program

National Sales Manager - HY.GIENE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD

HY.GIENE Australia are part of the critical infrastructure assisting government departments and essential services in the supply, manufacture and production, of products and services to combat the COVID-19.

Our technical support team have carefully researched and identified the situation at hand and have launched key Recovery Guide and Work Place Ininiatives, capable of disinfecting and sanitising all touch point surfaces throughout any business enterprise.

Our Australian Made HY.GIENE HANDS popularity as a premium quality hand sanitiser grows by the day from sectors of the business community and essential services – hospitals and healthcare, mining industry (FMG & Glencore), government departments (DHHS Vic), Woolworths (approved supplier)amongst many.

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National Sales Manager - HY.GIENE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD