Connecting People with Skills

Project Manager - Knox Council

More skills for more Victorians

It’s now even easier to access Free TAFE courses and government subsidised training, whether it’s to kickstart a new career or upskill in your chosen field.

Since 1 January 2023, more Victorians can access their first Free TAFE course or government subsidised training regardless of their current skills or any qualifications that they already have.

We’ve removed the upskilling rule for access to all government subsidised training and changed the once in a lifetime limit on Free TAFE courses within specific training pathways – including nursing, early childhood, community services and building and construction.

These eligibility changes apply to more than 500 subsidised courses, including 70 Free TAFE courses, making it easier for more people to get the skills they need for the job they want.

Find out more:

  • Learn more about Free TAFE courses and priority industry pathways.
  • Search more than 500 courses and 350 occupations on the Victorian Skills Gateway. You’ll find everything from accounting to youth work.
  • Contact the TAFE and Training line for advice on training courses, funding and more.
  • Visit a Skills and Jobs Centre for in-person advice. They can help you with starting out in the workforce, training courses, career planning and more.
  • Read the Victorian Skills Plan to find out about future skills and training needs.
  • Browse our Employment Forecast Dashboard for statistics on in-demand and emerging jobs.
  • Explore the resources below and bookmark this page for future updates.
Project Manager - Knox Council