Acrodyne Solar Powered Actuators

Business Services Manager - Acrodyne Pty Ltd

Acrodyne was recently requested to come up with a solution to automate some very old Penstocks in the Upper Yarra Region for Melbourne Water, the challenges presented were no power and existing Penstocks were operated by Trewhella jacks.

Acrodyne conducted a full site survey, determined the exact requirement as well as collecting the required data to calculate torque and select the correct equipment.
A key consideration with the project was the need for power and a solar powered system was needed to be factored in to the solution.

The Solution

Limitorque Electric MX series actuators mounted to ACROGEAR bevel gearboxes with new spindles were selected to operate in a solar powered system that will automate the process and replaced the physically demanding Trewhella jack option.

Once installed Acrodyne will return to site and perform commissioning and once complete, the system will be able to be operated remotely at the Brooklyn facility approximately 130Km away.

Business Services Manager - Acrodyne Pty Ltd