Washing hands and saving water

Director - MDP Specialised Services t/a MF Daly Plumbing

The Covid-19 Coronavirus has done the one thing that our mothers always tried so hard to do – get us to wash our hands. Now I am not for a moment criticising this, it is important for all of us to keep doing if we want to defeat this freak in nature.

As we are all being careful so too this might be a good time to assess the washing facilities you have for your staff. Following the Federal Government Covid-19 awareness program it says we must wash our hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Unfortunately it is near impossible to calculate exactly how much water is being used in this process as all situations are different. So too the amount of power used to generate the hot water component.

However, the most critical thing is that traditional taps defeat the purpose as you turn them on with dirty hands, wash your hands and then turn off the now dirty taps with clean hands, going around in circles.

We have assisted many companies in overcoming this issue using different hands free options.

If you want to know more reach out and ask. There are so many options available, some way better than others so it is important to understand before you invest what is the most suitable solution for your business or home for that matter.

Michael Daly

Licensed Master Plumber and Gasfitter

Director - MDP Specialised Services t/a MF Daly Plumbing