Visiting King’s Fibreglass in Jersey Road, Bayswater

Project Manager - Knox Council
A picture of a group of people at a business in front of some of their fibreglass products

Visiting King’s Fibreglass which was established in 1994 from humble beginnings was an eye opening experience.

Situated in Jersey Road, Bayswater, Glen King has built an award winning company from the ground up.

The BBP Working Group discovered how much King’s Fibreglass bring to the local economy by doing business with other local BBP businesses such as Nifty Lift. Kings Fibreglass are an embedded part of the local supply chain. Providing components for transport related builds, whether that be supplying Kenworth though to parts for trams and buses in the local Victorian network. These parts often consist of fibreglass fireproof casing to meet safety standards.

King’s Fibreglass also make a range of diverse products for many different markets, Tasty Truck vans, female anatomy products to help midwives in training, Acme exhibitions and playground slides to new standards.

Finding and retaining staff is a widely known issue, to meet this challenge Kings Fibreglass have sought to engage the local workforce though collaborating with Swinburne Skills and Jobs Centre to hiring CALD residents from the eastern region. With a focus on training and retention, English language support and translating have been provided to ensure staff can integrate into the team.

We will be following the King’s Fibreglass journey and please reach out to us at if your business would like appear in the spotlight.

Project Manager - Knox Council