Update on a few of our latest projects for our amazing customers!

Sales Executive - GRV PRINT PTY LTD

Boxes – just around the corner!!

Diverse requests for all kinds of shapes, sizes, colours, quantities & finishes of Custom Made Boxes.

From Yarra Valley Fine Wine, Jam, & Chocolates to Shelf-ready Display Boxes, Shippers & even Large Heavy Duty Boxes.
Wow, we certainly have some fun at GRV, creating, designing, meeting all requirements outlined by our customers for their specific products & needs.

The joy is at the finish – where it all comes together.

How often do we surf the internet to find a supplier for certain items? Sadly you receive a mind boggling list of, ‘nothing that fits’ your criteria. BBP has provided us with a huge list of local manufacturers & suppliers…. Perhaps the answer is just around the corner??

Contact us if we can help you too!!


Sales Executive - GRV PRINT PTY LTD