Unlock Immediate Cash Savings

Project Manager - Knox Council

Completing an environmental upgrade with ?nance from Sustainable Australia Fund can put more cash in the pocket of your business now, when you need it most.

If your business wants to do a building upgrade you may have access to government enabled finance. Environmental Upgrade Finance is a fixed rate, long term loan that gives you access to the capital you need to unlock savings and make your building more sustainable.

Repayments are made through your local council, over terms up to 20 years, meaning your business could be cash-flow positive in year one.

What’s different from other loans?

  • Up to 100% project finance, including hard and soft costs.
  • Loan terms between 4 – 20 years
  • Repayments made via local council rates
  • Repayments can be split between landlord and tenants
  • No requirement for personal or business security

Who can apply?

Any type of business can apply, provided:

  • Building is on rateable land
  • Primarily a non-residential property
  • Upgrade has a measurable environmental benefit

This includes Agriculture, Commercial Office Building, Tourism and Commercial and Industrial properties.

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Project Manager - Knox Council