Take Remote Working To The Next Level

In blog articles I know I’m supposed to quote industry stats and supporting 3rd party quotes. However, after speaking with many readers, the feedback they desire is what’s the low hanging fruit providing real returns for IT investment in my business.

So, what’s hot right now in this pandemic altered world?

Within our client base the most focus has been on Security, Microsoft Modern Workplace and Unified Communications. The C-19 effect has impacted us all in some way or form. Where and how we work has changed and the needs of Australian business continues to evolved at pace.

Remote working can benefit both the employee and employer, and over the last 18 months we’ve all learned just how effective it can be. It comes at no surprise that many of the recently surveyed workers found the majority want to continue working remotely in some capacity where possible.

For employees, no daily commute, spending more time with family, and being more flexible in how and when they work is attractive. There are many benefits for their employers as well, again many surveys have highlighted productivity improvements with staff working remotely.

Happy employees result in lower staff turnover, saving the business time handling the disruption of replacing old and training new employees frequently. And when employees are working remotely, businesses can source talent from all over Australia and the world, giving them access to skills and capabilities that may not be available in the local area.

What has lockdown taught us about remote working?

Melbourne’s first lockdown sent us all into a mad scramble to get everyone working from home. Close enough was good enough, and over the last 18 months many have had to make do with haphazard and slapstick technology.

With the ability to work from home now being a permanent fixture, we need to be more strategic with it, and design communications and collaboration around remote work.

Tech Precision has been working with clients to transition their communication tools. From flexible telephony solutions to full unified communications, we assist our clients in maintaining contact and workflows with their teams. We enable our clients to communicate and interact with their fellow staff or customers with a seamless experience.

Today’s ‘Business On The Go’ requirements are very different from yesterday’s static, legacy on premise PBX and physical office phones. Work from Anywhere (WFA) and Work from Home (WFH) requirements shift the communications balance towards systems that can meet users needs.

For example, a product that we’ve seen gain significant traction with our clients is called Access4, a cloud based Unified Communications service. In particular, its Microsoft Teams Calling platform – a complete phone system replacement that allows you to keep your current numbers and transition to being able to use any device with Office to empower users to make and receive calls, chat, share files and much more from one tool. And in most cases making meaningful savings.

The one system allows for unlimited, effortless scaling as the business needs grow, and provides deep enterprise features, including:

  • Microsoft Teams calling offers a complete PBX replacement and all-in-one business communication platform for organisations of all sizes.
  • Local, national and calls to mobile within Australian and New Zealand included
  • Infinitely scalable and all self-serve
  • Live voice recording for the call
  • No lock in contracts

Possibly one of the most important lessons learnt via the C19 effect is the need to adapt and change.

Not many businesses can survive and thrive without its communications system. The change in this market space was always predicted to occur over time. C-19 has simply accelerated this progression.

With Unified Communications, you can take your phone systems, and turn them into a cornerstone of the business that enhances and deepens customer relationships, improves satisfaction and make remote work effortless.

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Our business world is facing years more disruption as the pandemic plays out. As we work our way through, the successful businesses will be the ones that have taken the disruption and turned it into an opportunity for innovation.