What does it take to make the best pie (and roll, and quiche, and pasties…)

Managing Director - Caspers Pies & Pastries

Food manufacturing in Melbourne is both exciting and daunting. This is a market with, some would say, an over-saturation of outlets selling everything you can imaging…and more. Melbourne food scene is eclectic, exciting and one that can create a virtual world tour with it’s diversity. One can literally eat at a different venue every night of their lives and not have to frequent the same place twice.

To be at the coalface of the process, creating the products at the core is a challenge. Ensuring your product is appealing to the market and one that consumers ultimately return for is what manufacturers live for. To dream a product that becomes in demand, is exhilarating and the sense of achievement and satisfaction is what you go to work for.

At Casper’s Pies & Pastries, the development of a new flavour is our fun time. Dreaming up something that customers will crave is the task that gets the creative juices flowing. Our new smoked barramundi seafood pie, of which multiple incarnations existed, has been extremely well received and taken the organic flavours, usually associated with pies, to a new level.

The list of potential new flavours is endless, and can be intimidating – especially when you consider the impact tasting all this delicious-ness can have on the waistline. A saving grace in that regard does come in the form of the nutritional content that most of our pies have – all of which, due to the wholesome ingredients and fresh produce – are actually low in fat and  are a meal in themselves rather than a snack food.

Managing Director - Caspers Pies & Pastries