Strive to find enjoyment in what you do

Strive to find enjoyment in what you do.

It sounds basic, yet the results from achieving this goal are plentiful.

Feeling satisfied generally with your day’s achievements has an immense knock on effect.

You can exude a positive outlook.

You can have a laugh and see the funny side.

You can smile and radiate a welcomeness.

Mountains are easier to climb.

Hurdles appear smaller and less significant.


You may not realise it but your self contentment is infectious.

Your fellow workers will feel comfortable around you.

Your customers will catch the happy bug and appear more friendly.

The environment that you work within will be more vibrant.

One person’s added “zing” to the mix can add bounce to everyone’s step.


It is a two way street.

Employee and Employer must work equally as hard at bringing a level of satisfaction to any working environment.


As an employee you have to wake up with the right attitude. Resentment or negativity needs to be shed and replaced by an eagerness to help and be part of solutions – not problems. It may take a little time to achieve this mindset. Possibly a little work on yourself: 

  • Are you eating right? 
  • Are you surrounding yourself with positivity? 
  • Are you sleeping? 
  • Do you have a goal?
  • Do you have a life outside of work which includes passions and hobbies?

You want to enter the workplace with a mandate to help the group make a positive difference and to ensure that where you can help, you do.


As an employer we must create a conducive environment. We need to provide for our staff. That may include provisions to work more efficiently. It may include provisions to exercise and maintain health. It may also include provisions for private time or introspection. 

We need to listen. Listening not just when we are spoken to. We need to listen with all of our senses – be observant:

  • Can we foresee a problem ahead?
  • Can we sense that someone is feeling down?
  • Are we hearing overtones that we know will lead to conflict?
  • Are we feeling any ill will in the air?

We need to be proactive. Take charge when we sense discomfort. Ask questions and listen. Bring people together to talk. Take an active interest in our team.

We also need to know when to step back.  When to allow others to reflect, rest, vent and input.


At Automation Systems & Controls, we are aware that life can be difficult. We are also aware that a work / life balance is paramount when trying to reach a level of personal satisfaction. It is a work in progress. We can all fall on our sword when striving to be part of a solution. We can overstep and we can under appreciate…But, at ASC what we will not do is ignore. We will not ignore the importance of satisfaction in what you do. We will not deny that we can all do more. We will not stop at working to be better and hopefully as a result, we add to the wellbeing of our community.