Strength in Partnering


In business do we spend too much time looking over our shoulders with arms raised holding up the veil of secrecy? Is it because we have a lack of confidence in our abilities to stand toe to toe with our industry friends? Is it because we are being poorly influenced by what our forefathers practiced?

To truly prosper wouldn’t it make most sense to pool our resources and learn from one another? Do we spend too much time with our blinkers on – tunnel vision in the lane we are most comfortable within? If we expand our peripheral vision will we see technologies that our core territories could benefit adopting? Why stay still and stagnant?

Is it a time constraint? Is it the comfort factor? Is it plain ignorance?

Let’s consider our origins.

Nearly all involved in the Industrial Sector of Australia have a fondness for technology and advancement of industry. As a rule of thumb we all like to see new gadgets and new ways of performing industrial related tasks filter into our markets.

We all want Australia to be competitive Internationally.
We want to see optimum efficiency within Industry.
We have an interest in the advancement of production.

This is a common thread between us.

We are similar. We have a likeness of being.
We should share knowledge.
We should help one another overcome business hurdles.
We should drop our guard and focus on how we can help each other grow collectively.

At ASC we have a commitment to breaking down the barriers that prevent our businesses and our industrial families from prospering.

Automation Systems & Controls are embracing partnering.

We want to learn from other Industrial sectors.
We are expanding our scope and reaching out further to be educated.
We have a commitment to be better.

The only way we will achieve continual improvement is to seek out latest methods, new processes and ideologies.
At Automation Systems & Controls we want to hear from those that have an idea, have a concept and want to make positive change within our Industries.

We will not be closed minded.
We will not neglect to acknowledge changes occurring outside of our core sector.
We will strive for efficient solutions based answers.
We will aim to provide World Class results.
We will be stronger because of your help and support.

Join ASC.

Talk to us about opportunities.
Propose ways to make Australian Industry better.
Our door is open and we are excited to hear from you.