Safety Month is Every Month

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Why do we have a Safety Month?

October in Australia is National Safe Work Month and SafeWork Australia say it is “A time to commit to building safe and healthy workplaces for all Australians.”

And whilst I fundamentally agree with the concept I struggle with the issue that we need a particular time or period to focus on this. Most safety professionals and managers don’t just laze around for 11 months and then during October crazily run around doing safety projects and events.

Safety is a 24/7 365 day of the year issue that we all need to keep at the front of everything we do at work and away from the job.

Sure Safety Month is an opportunity to do something extra or something different, but let’s not lose that focus or momentum for the other 11 months of the year.

I spoke with a senior manager recently and I asked if they were doing anything for Safety Month, she said “No more than we do for any other month of the year.”

So good luck with your Safety Month this October….. And November, December, January and every other day week and month in every year.

Stay Safe


Workplace Safety Speaker - CNBSafe Safety Speakers