The risk around emails

We have our email in 365 so we are safe. We’re covered.

I often hear this response.

Unfortunately, just because your email sits in Microsoft cloud (or anyone ones cloud) does not automatically mean all is OK.

Majority of the time the vendor is responsible for the uptime and availability of their service however it’s your data and your responsibility to protect that data.

We had a company who already had their email in the cloud and as they depend on email so much, we continually told them they need to protect the data – back up the emails.

Unfortunately, they chose not take the advice.

The MD who relied heavily on his emails made an accidental, but serious deletion.

The data was lost unable to be recovered.

Eliminate the risk of emails being lost due to accidental deletion simply by backing it up.

Read more about data backup here

We know of another company who was receiving email correspondence from a trusted client over a period of 2-3 months regarding a transfer of money.

Unfortunately, the trusted client’s email had been compromised. What was happening was the emails being sent by the client were being intercepted buy a cybercriminal who monitored the correspondence over a short period of time.

When the time was right, they substituted bank account details, thus appearing authentic. The money transfer went straight into their cybercriminal account.

When the mistake was picked up – it was too late.

This is a real-life example of what can happen when your email is compromised.

The bad guys are constantly working on new ways to attack you.

So, you have to make sure to PROTECT yourself and your business. Watch this short video to learn how to identify malicious emails.