Rethinking how to reuse resources

Project Manager - Knox Council

Advisory System for Process Innovation and Resource Exchange (ASPIRE) is an online matchmaking tool for material resource exchanges, based on a methodology for engaging and supporting all sized businesses. It uses a website and an engagement model to promote business sustainability by matching material resources or waste to businesses, manufacturers, re-manufacturers and recyclers to identify alternative supply chains.

ASPIRE’s digital business-to-business (B2B) platform connects resource generators with other businesses to improve business productivity and reduce environmental impact, while supporting businesses to build markets for unwanted resources and materials.

The ASPIRE program intends to assist with cost-saving measures for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with the growing issue of waste and disposal costs. In Australia, SME’s consist of 98% of the business that operates. To date, the program has focused on the manufacturing sector (which 90% of Australians business are SMEs) in Victoria, with great opportunities to grow ASPIRE outside the field and region.

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Project Manager - Knox Council