Renewable energy for business

Project Manager - Knox Council

We are helping medium to large businesses, transition to renewable energy by establishing the Business Renewable Buying Group. Businesses interested in renewable energy are invited to a free webinar on 23 June.

As part of Knox Councils Climate Response Plan, we are providing various initiatives to help the industrial sector lower their emissions.

In partnership with Councils across Victoria, we are forming the Business Renewables Buying Group to help business and industry switch to renewable energy. This initiative is designed to scale up buying power for participants to enter in a joint Power Purchase Agreement.

Power Purchase Agreements are long-term agreements that allow businesses to secure the cost of electricity over a period of time to eliminate price volatility.

Businesses can book to attend a free webinar to learn more about the Business Renewables Buying Group below.

Expressions of Interest to join the Business Renewables Buying Group is open until 30 June 2022.

Eligibility includes a minimum energy expenditure of $100,000 per annum. Further information is available on the Eastern Alliance For Greenhouse Action website


Project Manager - Knox Council