Please just show some respect

Director - MDP Specialised Services t/a MF Daly Plumbing

Everyone is aware of the current environment with COVID-19, Coronavirus. Social media is a buzz with much information not necessarily all true and correct.

Outside of personal cleanliness and practising proper hygiene we all need to slow down and show some respect. WE are all in this together and WE are all as IMPORTANT as each other.

In our field as a Licensed Practitioner we are exposed in so many areas as we travel and carry out our regular duties and tasks. I wont show pictures here, not really required although the shock factor might open some eyes to what we have to deal with.

Plumbing is always about health and safety and providing services to modern society. Gas for heating, water for drinking and washing, and drainage, that needs no explanation.

What we want is simple, if you work in a shared environment have some respect for your co-workers and show a little respect for the facilities. Do some proper house-keeping, wipe up after use. Don’t leave it for someone else. There is always soap and water to wash your hands after.

Do’s – Wash your hands with soap and water for AT LEAST 20 seconds. If you spill it, wipe it. If you have cleaners, check that they are doing a bit extra especially where you cant readily see. Wipe door handles and surfaces regularly with a disinfectant, great habit to get into.

Dont’s – Unless you really love me dont throw hand towel or other down the toilet. Dont throw anything in the toilet other than toilet paper. Please dont put nappies or other materials in the toilet.

We are always happy to respond to help. We have many innovative products available to increase the safety of all through cleanliness.

Director - MDP Specialised Services t/a MF Daly Plumbing