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In the emerging post-Covid virus ‘New Normal’ selling going to be tougher. Businesses are looking to gain advantage by adopting alternative ways to drive sales.

Last Summer I met with a potential client. Over a coffee, we swapped ideas on how he could improve his sales result. I suggested he consider farming-out his sales to a third party.
Impossible!” – He snapped back to me.
“Why?” – I asked.
“Because… Sales has always been in-house.”
“Well, what if I could show you that contracting-out sales could reduce your cost per sale and increase your sales revenue…….. Interested?” I asked.
“ABSOLUTELY interested.” Came back his excited reply.
And that’s the reaction I usually get from most business executives. So, how does contracting-out sales stack up? Let’s take a look.

1. Results, Results, Results

You’re looking for a better outcome, right?
An expert who specialises in sales will have a history of success. The specialist has many years’ experience in different industries and markets. The sales expert has a ready made toolkit, which has driven sales growth previously. They will have an established network they can leverage. Their network has been cultivated over time.
They have ample knowledge about business in general; Will have experience working in both robust and depressed business environments;  Will have done research on specific products & markets; Will tap into lots of data on markets and where they are heading. Your company can readily use this great wealth of skill and capability.

2. Take the weight off your shoulders!

Internal sales people can get disenchanted. Some can end up downright problem employees.
These guys are just making excuses for a lack of expertise and persistence. Do you really want them representing your company? Its costing you time and money.
A professional sales contractor has the tools to push through the barriers. He’s not distracted by office politics or other side issues which is common among employee sales teams.
Take that weight off your shoulders and let the sales contractor take accountability. You get support, expert advice, feedback and a roadmap for sales. He will work with you to set sales goals and deliver a ‘success’ sales plan.
Can you be sure your internal sales team will consistently do that for you?

3. The hiring headache

Business leaders say the hiring process often fails to bear fruit.  They cant find anyone with the right skills, the candidate didn’t accept the role, or worst case scenario, they failed to deliver results.
Is the time and expense of the recruitment process worth the headache?
Engaging a sales contractor is faster, less resource intense and far less expensive. And, in the unlikely event the sales contractor really doesn’t work out for you, it’s easier to say ‘good bye’.

4. A Package Deal

Contracting-out sales isn’t just about field sales people. A contractor will also be able to put together a full sales strategy.
Sales forecasting, account planning, managing the sales pipeline and sales reporting are value add things a sales contractor will offer. This means less sales administration costs for you and better monitoring of sales performance.
Sales contractors can also monitor your competitors. They are independent, so they’re often able to pick up competitor activity, intelligence and trends faster than your ‘employee’ sales team can.

5. Down to Business

Contracting-out sales generally sees the contractor getting up-and-running faster than ‘employee’ sales people. The sales contractor gets down to business right away.
Sure, he has to learn about your product and your company, but because he can concentrate fully on product familiarisation, he’s likely to be able to hit the ground running before an employee has completed ‘Company History 101’
The sales contractor’s single focus is to make sales for you. And that’s exactly what you want. He (and his team) are fully trained professionals, so they can start generating sales fast. You get more bang for your buck.

6. Hunting and Farming

Whether you’re looking for hunters or farmers, sales contracting delivers. If you’re launching a new product or selling an established product, it’s fast and easy with a contractor hunting business for you.
If you’re looking to ‘farm’ established accounts for higher returns and closer relationships, the sales contractor will work  to create a long term profitable partnering bond with your major clients.
At the end of my discussion with the prospective client, I said.
“Well, now what do you think about contracting out your sales?”
He looked down at his empty coffee cup, then slowly met my gaze and said.
Buy me another coffee….. and let’s discuss when you can start.
Creating Opportunity for Business Through Strategic Sales and Marketing Support - LINK BOND & DELIVER