A new program of social responsibility

Advisor, Coach, Speaker - Smart Happy Money
Smart Happy Money has made a commitment to do financial services in a new and better way. Part of this has involved us putting together a program of corporate responsibility.
For our financial planning side we have decided that for each new financial planning client that joins us we will donate ‘Safe Water’ to a community in need via TEAR Australia. Clean water isn’t always within reach. Many communities facing poverty rely on unsafe, contaminated or distant water sources. This donation helps people access life-giving clean water and reduce preventable diseases. We think this is a great cause.
On the mortgage broking side of our business we have decided that we will plant 10 trees for every loan application lodged through one of our brokers. This will be done through OneTreePlanted. We have kicked this off by planting 100 trees and we look forward to planting many more.
To celebrate this launch we are offering free debt check ups. Simply follow the link below and contact us to have a quick chat to our brokers and see if we can save you $ and help reforest the Australian landscape.

Advisor, Coach, Speaker - Smart Happy Money