Interested in participating in the Knox Youth Expo?

Project Manager - Knox Council

The Knox Youth Expo is tailored to young people seeking pathways to work alternative to university. We are now inviting local employers to participate, offering a unique opportunity for local employers and industry to connect with and support young people in the community while building their businesses.

Why participate?

  • Build awareness of your business: Having a presence in the community not only keeps you front of mind for job seekers but also potential customers.
  • Gain a fresh perspective: Young people offer a different perspective that can provide valuable insights on strategy, plans, policies and more.
  • Positive publicity: Communities and industries often commend those who provide support to the next generation. The perfect opportunity to take a photo for promotion of your company’s corporate social responsibility.
  • Invest in future success: Discover new talent and potential future leaders for your organisation.
  • Building awareness of your industry:  Niche industry can often find it harder to find staff due to lack of awareness. Help build awareness of your industry and increase the pool of potential workers.

What is required from participants?

Participants are expected to commit three hours of their time on the evening of the event to set up a booth and engage with the young people of Knox about their business and industry.

The venue will provide trestle tables, and participants are welcome to bring their own signage and tablecloths to identify their stalls. There is no cost to have a stall at this event, and participants are requested to arrive no later than 4.00pm to set up their area before attendees arrive. Participants may share materials about their company and broader industry and engage with attendees about any current employment opportunities they may have.

Consider and respond at your earliest convenience, as we have limited spaces, with preference provided to those who confirm their attendance first.


KIOSC (Knox Innovation Opportunity and Sustainability Centre) (Swinburne)

369 Stud Road, Wantirna South VIC 3152.

Date: 24th August 2023

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Project Manager - Knox Council