Information Technology and the Department of ‘No’

Director Research and Development - Incarta IT

Recently I listened to a thoughtful speech given by Steve Jobs in response to an aggressive question from an audience member at one of his presentations. In essence he said that one of the failings of technologists is that they create products that interest and excite them and then try to convenience customers to purchase the products. Apple, he said was trying to be different. Apple was trying to understand the customers needs and then design and build products that support those needs.

There is a lesson here. Too many times information technology professionals talk about fear; what you shouldn’t do, what you can’t do, what you have to do and what might go wrong if you don’t do! They represent the Department of ‘No’. Instead they should be asking “what can we do to help you deliver on your business strategy” and armed with an answer they should go away and make it happen. Like water and power, information technology is nothing more than an enabler for your business and like the utility companies, information technology providers should should simply deliver the service, quietly and efficiently enabling you to get on with the task of building your business.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a way of backing up your data or an update to your word processor or maybe you need custom designed hardware for automating your production line or a new cloud application to assist you in delivering products and services to your clients – it is just technology and its role is to enable you to get on with business.

If you want to get on with business and would like to discuss the services you need to grow your business then connect with us – technologists who listen.

Director Research and Development - Incarta IT