Getting to know Tech Precision

Project Manager - Knox Council

The Bayswater Business Precinct team went out to visit Tech Precision an IT Services company that services the Bayswater Business Precinct on Thursday, 24th November 2022. The visit was initiated by Craig Reynolds from Tech Precision who is an avid contributor to news articles on the BBP Connect Platform. Craig was interested in learning more about how he could engage with other local business on the platform. 

Tech Precision hire locals within the area which reduces travel time for their staff and they have recently employed a new staff member who lives right around the corner. Tech Precision partner with businesses to ensure they have the capabilities to grow – essentially they build the foundation for businesses. They are able to design and maintain IT systems for small and medium size businesses. 

Part of the great work that Tech Precision do is to build a community – allowing people to understand the IT language and connect customers with each other for problem solving. They are all about educating other businesses on the importance of cyber security, which as we know is a really hot topic right now. 

If you would like an IT health check for your business, please contact Craig Reynolds at Tech Precision. 

The BBP team are always looking to collaborate and connect with local businesses in the area, reach out to us at  

Project Manager - Knox Council