Firewalls – is yours up to scratch?

We’re protected. We set up a firewall a few years ago.

I hear this sort of thing from so many businesses. Unfortunately, cybersecurity isn’t the type of thing you can just set up and forget about. On top of that not all Firewalls are equal.

Viruses, malware, and hackers are constantly evolving which means your security needs to evolve as well. Things move so fast, a firewall that’s only six months old could be compromised.

Because of this, the only way to ensure you’re protected is to perform ongoing maintenance where your security is constantly kept up to date.

A company we know of had a firewall that was both out of date and had limited abilities. We were telling them for over a year that they needed to update it. Unfortunately, they would not listen to us.

Regrettably, one of their design computers got a virus which led to the machines in their factory becoming infected. The production machines required rebuilds and no one knew how to do it. This one little virus cost them valuable production time and a significant amount of money.

If they had simply invested in maintaining their firewall, this situation could have been avoided. Being reactive rather than pro active placed their entire business in jeopardy.

The best advice I can provide, don’t be complacent about cybersecurity, protecting yourself is not as hard as you think. Hackers are constantly working on new ways to attack you. So, you have to make sure you’re current in ways to PROTECT yourself.

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