Managing Director - PACK KING

Sending a parcel of goodies to your loved ones?

Sending out purchases bought on line?

Protecting stock in your warehouse?

Shipping pallets to customers?

Filling containers with product?

ALL require packaging of some sort. Pack King specialize in asking questions. Like, “what is it you are protecting? Where is it going? Quantity? By which transportation methods? Urgent or not? What have you been using to date? How has the freight survived to date? Cartons or pallets”?, and much more.

THEN you get the interesting questions. “How can I get a single drum of very expensive liquid, into a mining camp in Indonesia”? “Which pallets do I need to use for my first export order”? “Is it more cost effective to ship several individual cartons or one pallet lot”?

NOW the technical questions, such as, “what type of strapping do I need for this particular task”? What side of the stretch wrap should be placed against the load”? “Should I be using buckles or crimps with this particular system”? “Is it more cost effective to use shrink film rather than stretch film”? “What type of desiccant do I need for a container”?

ANYONE in business for over thirty years is bound to have a little knowledge stored away, and so it is for the staff at Pack King  8 / 15 Stud Rd Bayswater. Telephone 9720 0425 or www.packking.com.au, who are very happy to ask the hard questions in order to give the customer what they need.

They have learnt that it is not about the cost of products, it’s about the expertise behind the selections and the ongoing help that make businesses work. Knowing that you are offering your reputation; your good manners and attention to satisfy your customers needs, is the secret to a long lasting relationship.

A cheap deal doesn’t buy loyalty, it just perpetuates the buying cycle down to the lowest price point. Sure you can have the occasional sale, where your clients benefit from one off cheaper prices, but long term – quality and service wins!

Pack King supplies a range of packaging materials along with a range of handling equipment, such as conveyors, stretch wrap machines, lifters, pallet trucks, cages and much more.

Managing Director - PACK KING