Energising our local retailers

Project Manager - Knox Council

Share feedback on how we can help re-invigorate our local retail centres. Have your say on the draft Retail Activation Strategy by 25 February 2022.

We have developed a draft Retail Activation Strategy in collaboration with our business community. Our draft Retail Activation Strategy aims to inject new life and energy into our retail centres over the next 3 to 5 years. We want to help retailers increase foot traffic, explore new trading opportunities for businesses, and create exciting retail experiences for local residents and visitors.

Business owners and community members are invited to have a say on our draft strategy. We want to know if you think these initiatives will help Knox businesses, and attract community members to visit and shop at local retail centres.

The draft strategy is centred around building on Knox’s unique character and core strengths. Proposed actions include a range of initiatives that are Council led, or delivered in partnership with industry, business and community organisations.

Proposed Council led initiatives include:

  • Sticking points street upgrade program: We will help make it easier for traders to create outdoor dining and retail experiences by installing small but important fixtures and fittings. Proposed examples include installing seating and fairy lights in Knoxfield alley to create an inviting community space for socialising.
  • Open Season Public Space initiative: We will trial innovative ways to create fun and engaging events with local traders to enliven our streets, open spaces and parks. A proposed example includes a local market at Mountain Gate Shopping Centre.
  • Embrace reusables and the ban on single-use products: With the ban on single use plastics coming into effect in February 2023, we will provide support to help traders transition and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Proposed partnership initiatives between Council, industry, business and community organisations include:

  • Fairs, bazaars, carnavales, fetes and markets: This involves opening our car parks to markets and events of all kinds. Proposed examples include food truck festivals at Tim Neville Arboretum car park, and farmers markets across Knox.
  • Seasonal calendar of events: Program a calendar of events that highlight individual villages of Knox, and cultural diversity in our community.

Supporting business recovery is a key priority for Council. A healthy and thriving business community is crucial for our local economy, and it allows residents to easily access goods and services close to home.

To view and have your say on the draft strategy, visit our Have your say website.

Project Manager - Knox Council