COVID-19 Emergency Electrical Maintenance Services

Director - Wattrix

Wattrix Electrical are offering 24 hour, 7 day a week assistance to the local community during this challenging time.


Our electricians are equipped with and have been trained on how to use hand sanitiser, masks and tissues. We issue daily updates to our team on how to work safely, so you can be sure we are following the latest recommendations.  Our team have also completed COVID-19 Infection Control Training, a course delivered by the Australian Government.  

Hint – speak to our electricians by phone so as to maintain a safe distance whilst they are at your site.


To minimise the risk of infection, all our staff are working from home unless called out to a site.

We can still be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1300 928 874 or emailing


Reducing the impact of this virus is dependent on slowing the rate of infection (‘flattening the curve’). Flattening the curve may not prevent cases but can delay them, reducing the ‘height’ of the peak and easing the strain on health services.

Allowing our staff to work remotely reduces their contact with potential carriers of the virus and in turn, slows the rate of infection. Wattrix procedures and systems allow us to work independently and remotely, whilst still keeping all lines of communication open with our customers and team members in real time. We believe this has a positive impact for our customers and ensures the best possible outcome from this pandemic.


CALL – 1300 928 874


Director - Wattrix