A Close Understanding of International Day of People with Disability

At Employment Plus we understand what life can be like for someone with a disability.

Belinda King, DES Recruitment Advisor in Victoria, is mum to ten-year-old Kayne. Kayne was diagnosed with severe autism and an intellectual disability at 18 months.

“Kayne has been slowly progressing and developing as he matures. He’s a happy boy and highly sensory orientated. He loves to always be moving around and bouncing on his tip toes or twirling ribbons. Kayne has no speech however uses picture exchange to explain what he needs. He is an affectionate and a kind soul,” said Belinda.

Belinda truly has an understanding of what life is like for someone with autism.

“Kayne faces challenges on a day to day basis with not being able to communicate his needs, feelings and wants and this can often lead to poor behaviour and meltdowns through his frustration.”

Stories like Kayne’s are what makes the International Day of People with Disability so important. This special day gives the Australian community with the opportunity to challenge perceptions and to educate others.

Belinda is an advocate for the day and believes it is truly effective.

“I believe International Day of People with Disability is effective. People don’t often realise my son has autism. For example if I have to go to the shops to get groceries with Kayne, he can at times feel overwhelmed and react – people assume he is just misbehaving. They stare, some will even comment.”

Belinda sees the future looking bright for Kayne. “With an increase in awareness and education within the community there is hope that he will have access to the help he needs as time goes on. I hope he can become as independent as possible.”

Start a conversation about disability today. Help empower people around you to actively think about inclusiveness and equality not only in the workplace but the wider community.

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