Business in a pandemic. Has your business adapted?

R&D Manager - Supertooth

For over 100 years, tooth decay has been the most common global disease affecting almost everyone, increasing with age to involve 24.3 teeth in a lifetime and is a pandemic where acid demineralisation of teeth exceeds remineralisation, mostly where food is left trapped on teeth that brushing cannot reach.

Does your business manufacture or sell carbohydrate rich food or drink, if so you are part of the problem along with the consumer who frequently consumes your products fails to brush their teeth etc. Can your business reduce acid  demineralisation for the customer and even increase remineralisation and profits.

Over 80-90% of cavities for children and young adults, start deep inside pit and fissure developmental faults in back teeth where food is trapped and brushing can’t reach. Dentists prevent these cavities by placing costly sealants over chewing surfaces to block food being trapped inside these faults, preventing acid demineralisation there, indicating that any method that blocks food being trapped or left on teeth can prevent far more cavities than brushing and should be part of all oral health promotion and STEM education in schools to greatly improve oral health education.

If you are a confection manufacturer, you may like to produce sugar free gummy sealant confection to chew before eating sugar confection and other carbohydrate rich foods. Even adding calcium carbonate that not only increases the sealant effect but also neutralises acid and aids remineralisation.

If you are a restaurateur or café, sell sugar free gummies and even give one or two sugar free sealant products like cheese for customers to chew before carbohydrate rich food or drink to show that you care.

Parents and Councilors, anchorage schools to introduce oral heath STEM education with glass models of a fissure to greatly improve oral health literacy and 2NDK. Please register on  for updates and to show you care.

Perhaps you can think of other ways you can help dentists, businesses, schools and councils all benefit from preventing tooth decay.


R&D Manager - Supertooth