Australian Product Compliance for imported Electrical & Electronic Equipment

Principal Compliance Engineer and Founder - Global Approvals


Many businesses are importing electronic goods from overseas for sale in Australia. Often they already have compliance in foreign markets, such as CE marking in Europe (EU member states and for now, the UK), FCC in the USA and ISED in Canada.

Australian Regulators

There are two main Regulators for electrical and electronic equipment in Australia, ACMA and ERAC. Essentially you must have suitable evidence of compliance to the relevant Notices and Standards in order to sign the Declaration of Conformity statements (DoC) and then label your products with the RCM Mark. Some high risk products require ERAC EESS safety Certification which involves submission of accredited reports to a recognised certifier.

Overseas Reports

If you have a valid set of test reports and certificates covering mysterious things such as Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electrical Safety, Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), Radiocomms and Telecomms you may not have to completely re-test the product to Australian standards. In fact there is a good chance the whole compliance process is a relatively straight forward paperwork exercise!

How can Global Approvals help?

We can guide you through the maze of standards, regulations and red tape so you can quickly and efficiently get your product on the market. All for a very reasonable price with great customer service!

We assess your existing reports and product specifications, prepare assessment reports and where necessary, arrange local top up testing or third party certification.

Once that is all taken care of you will have the confidence to sign the declarations, afix the RCM mark label and start legally selling!

Global Approvals offers a complete start to finish service. Call us on 03 9887 4963 for friendly advice and expert help or get a quote directly via our website.

Principal Compliance Engineer and Founder - Global Approvals