Apprentice incentives for more jobs

Project Support Officer - Knox City Council

The Australian Apprenticeships Priority List has been expanded, adding occupations eligible for financial support.

The number of occupations under the Australian Apprenticeship Incentive System has now grown from 77 to 111 in 2023.

Occupations eligible for financial support receive up to $5,000 in direct payments to apprentices, and a wage subsidy of up to $15,000 for employers.

The expanded list will benefit occupations and industries like electronic equipment trades workers, screen printers, swimming coaches, shearers, veterinary nurses, beauty therapists and travel consultants.

The updated Priority List is based on independent analysis from Jobs and Skills Australia through the annual release of the Skills Priority List.

Minister for Skills and Training Brendan O’Connor said the latest analysis showing 47 per cent of trade and technician occupations are in shortage, up from 42 per cent in 2021.

“Providing targeted support to increase the uptake and completion of apprenticeships in critical sectors is essential to plugging the skills gaps we face,” Mr O’Connor said.

“Of all the apprentices and trainees that commenced training in 2017, the latest available figures show just 55.7% reached completion.

“Targeting areas with current and emerging skills demand will ensure apprentices have secure employment for years to come and ultimately fill urgently needed skills vacancies.”

The Australian Apprenticeships Priority List contains the list of updated occupations.

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Project Support Officer - Knox City Council