The 5 reasons why a good Property Strategist Saves Time And Money

Most people are not skilled in property investment. Simply put, it’s unlike buying a pair of shoes, as most of us rarely purchase an investment property.

Accordingly a number of mistakes or shortcomings can not only dramatically diminish what should be a great experience and return, but can turn a dream  into a nightmare

A good property investment  strategist will ensure a number of things:

  1. Full understanding of the 3 crucial fact finding of:
    – “Where am I Now?”,
    – “Where do I want to go?”,
    – “What is the best way to get there?”
  2. Strategy guidance in the development, clarification and setting out of a personalized plan.
  3. Property investment guidance, including provision of Strategic Relationships/Partnership referral, without additional fees/commissions
  4. Smorgasbord delivery model, from “piecemeal to silver service 5 star end to end full banquet”
  5. Providing a Return on Investment of 100%, by saving you at least twice the amount of their service fee

A Property Strategists should be an intrinsic part of your plan.
Someone that not only knows “the game” well, but more over that can see through the smoke and mirrors, has your interest at heart and will optimize your outcomes.

A good partner like that can be your safety net in a shark infested environment.

And make sure that they are a player on the field, not just a spectator that wants to rule the game from the side lines…



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