3 IT investments you should always take seriously

What is standing between your business’s data and hackers a world away? What’s your plan when your on-site server fails?

When you skimp on technology and IT solutions for your business, the answers to these two questions become simple:

1. There is nothing standing between your business’s sensitive data and people who want to take advantage of that data.
2. There is NO plan.

It happens way too often. Businesses cheap out on certain aspects of their technology to save a few bucks upfront. You may even know someone who has done just this.

They jump at the chance to outfit their office with a huge monitor and a PC with top specs (even though they probably don’t need it) and then they decide that IT security isn’t a priority.

They are not willing to pull out the credit card for a security solution because they don’t want to deal with a monthly or yearly cost. Trouble is, skimping on security can cost them dearly in time, money, resources and clients.

When it comes to investing in IT, here are three things you never want to skimp on.

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