Business Education

Develop your growth focused marketing plan

Digital Presence


Improving Your Online Presence

Principles to improve an online presence including social media, Google and web.  Covers the need for content consistency across platforms and cross platform interaction.


Describing Your Business

Practical workshop using a framework for creating a detailed and succinct business description that can be used in writing and verbally.

Creating Great Content

Rationale behind content marketing, easy options for businesses including repurposing, collaboration and creation.  DIY and done for you options discussed.



Principles of Networking Online & Offline

How business networking works, differences and similarities between online and offline, tools and actions required for success.


Networking in Action

Developing your tactical plan. Practical workshop working out a realistic and achievable networking action plan incorporating Localised.



Improving Your Online Presence on Localised

5 things each business can do to optimise what localised membership offers to improve their online presence.


Local Marketing Plan

A practical summary of ways to optimise Localised and the building blocks that are required. Identify with businesses what they have now, what they need to create, how and when they are going to do this.

Workers at wooden table

"How to" Guide

Good quality signage or print material for  your business will catch the eyes of potential customers, raise your profile and can help you promote your business offering.