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SuperSeed Ice Creme

  • Food and Beverage

SuperSeed is Australia’s first plant-based vegan ice creme made from hemp seed milk.
It’s free of dairy, gluten and nuts. This differs from 90% of other plant-based ice cremes, which are made from a variety of nut milks containing nut allergens.

SuperSeed is a game changer for people juggling multiple food allergies and/or vegan preferences, both at home and in social circles.

The use of hemp seed as an ingredient is also helping SuperSeed become a more sustainable business, since hemp absorbs 22 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare, which is more than any other crop grown on land, requiring limited water and no fertilisers or pesticides.

In addition to being a plant-based business, SuperSeed is also committed to using biodegradable packaging and supporting the regeneration of Australian rainforest with every purchase made.
SuperSeed ice creme is available for sale at independent grocers and health food stores across Victoria.

For stockists or enquiries about SuperSeed ice creme, go to http://www.superseedicecreme.com.au or follow on Instagram at @SuperSeed_icecreme.